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Papa’s Best Optimizer

Shrinks images and documents losslessly by optimizing existing compression. Run it comfortably in the background to save hard disk space and bandwidth. Runs on Windows 7–10.

a screenshot of Papa’s Best Optimizer optimizing files of various kinds

Compression is a tradeoff between computing time and file size. Smartphone cameras, for example, invest very little time in compression to avoid annoying pauses before the next photo can be taken. Papa’s Best Optimizer, on the other hand, takes these files and computes until it finds the most compact form. This works with JPG photos and PNG graphics, but also with spreadsheeds, presentations, and much more.

The optimization takes place in the background with lowest priority, so you can continue to use your computer normally. The Optimizer is fully multi-threaded to make use of all available CPU cores.




  1. drag and drop files and folders on the window
  2. as soon as all files are listed, click Optimize
  3. in case of an error, right-click the affected item in the list and select Open log file
  4. for advanced users: adjust options in the tabs before clicking Optimize


Papa’s Best Optimizer uses the following free tools:

Individual licenses can be found in the download.

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