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Papa’s Best ILBM Thumbnails

See the content of Amiga picture files directly in Windows Explorer. Runs on Windows 7 or later.

Supported extensions: .IFF, .ILBM, .ACBM, .PBM, .LBM, .HAM, .HAM6, .HAM8, .SHAM, .IFF1, .IFF2, .IFF4, .IFF8, .IFF16, .IFF24, .IFF32, .IFF64, .IFF128, .IFF256, .ILBM1, .ILBM2, .ILBM4, .ILBM8, .ILBM16, .ILBM24, .ILBM32, .ILBM64, .ILBM128, .ILBM256

Papa’s Best ILBM Thumbnails displaying a folder with random Amiga bitmaps from the Internet Archive


Updated (changes, license).

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64-bit Setup


32-bit Setup

for old systems



Papa’s Best ILBM Thumbnails supports a wide range of ILBM variations:

Installation for all users

Papa’s Best ILBM Thumbnails installs for the current user by default. To install for all users on a system, open a command prompt or a PowerShell and run msiexec /i "Papas Best ILBM Thumbnails.msi" MSIINSTALLPERUSER="".

Repeat with every update!

No thumbnails showing

Ensure thumbnails are generally enabled. Are thumbnails working with other file types on your system, e.g. photos? If not, you may have disabled them altogether.

  1. open any folder
  2. open the Folder Options
    • Windows 10: select ViewOptionsChange folder and search options
    • Windows 7: select OrganizeFolder and search options
  3. Select the View tab
  4. in Advanced settings, make sure the Always show icons, never thumbnails option is not checked

Is User Account Control (UAC) disabled? UAC plays part in isolating user accounts from one another. Since the thumbnails install in a user context, they may not run properly with UAC disabled. If you are absolutely sure about keeping UAC disabled, you have two choices:

Clear your thumbnail cache. This forces Explorer to request new thumbnails instead of relying on outdated data.

  1. click the Start button and type cleanmgr.exe
  2. select drive C: and confirm
  3. check Thumbnails and confirm
  4. reboot

Dark background on some thumbnails

Clear your Explorer thumbnail cache (see above) or copy the file to a different location.

This is a bug in Windows 10 that also affects other thumbnails – for example transparent PNG images here and here.

I can’t do anything in my program to work around it, I’m afraid. Please use the Windows 10 feedback function to report this to Microsoft. If enough users do it, they may eventually fix it. Windows 7 does not have this bug.

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