Papa’s Best CFBF Optimizer

A command line tool to optimize and defragment Compound File Binary Format (CFBF) files.

CFBF is the underlying format for Windows setups (.MSI), Word documents (.DOC), PowerPoint presentations (.PPT), Excel sheets (.XLS), and many more. CFBF Optimizer removes needless sectors and abandoned data from the files and reduces fragmentation in the rest – much like the now-abandoned Document Press.

Runs on Windows 7–10 and on Linux with Wine.





In comparison with Document Press, CFBF Optimizer reaches the same optimization level with small files (CFBF v3) and is superior with large files (CFBF v4). Sizes are in KiB:

original CFBF Optimizer CFBF Optimizer (-v4) Document Press 6.01
RSS Bandit setup 10 687.5 10 687 10 656 10 687
Word 2000 sample file 70 64 88 64
STL Viewer setup 76 55 72 55
Movie Quiz.xls 3 650.5 3 650 3 644 3 650

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