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Papa’s Best STL Viewer

Papa’s Best STL Thumbnails – adds preview thumbnails for STL files to Windows Explorer

Papa’s Best Optimizer – shrinks your files losslessly

Papa’s Best CFBF Optimizer – optimizes compound files

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I’m Chris – father (Papa in German) and enthusiastic software developer. This is where I upload my best tools, hence the name – Papa’s best!

My page doesn’t use cookies and is free of ads. Because that’s how it should be. Have fun!

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Updates for CFBF Optimizer, Optimizer, STL Viewer, and STL Thumbnails

My CFBF Optimizer got a little more compact due to updated compiler settings.

My STL Viewer and my STL Thumbnail generator now properly handle binary STL files exported from 3D Slash, HiCAD, Polygonica, Vectary, and from French CATIA versions. They benefit from the updated compiler settings as well.

And the tabs in my Optimizer now enable/disable properly and display without flickering on old Windows themes.

Optimizer updated

Papa’s Best Optimizer got a huge UI update! You can now use Drag-and-Drop to optimize files and folders. Office optimization was improved. I cleaned up the options and fixed countless small problems, e.g. some deadlocks on Windows 10.

Head over to the download page and see the full changelog here!

Optimizer added

I’ve uploaded my tool for lossless file optimization – Papa’s Best Optimizer. For the past years, it saved me lots of disk space and quite some bandwidth costs. (All images and files on this site have been optimized by it.) Finally I’ve found the time to make it available to the public.

If you also care about optimizing things down to the last bit, head over to the download!

STL Viewer & STL Thumbnails updated

The latest update fixes a missing registry entry for the MIME type of STL files. Windows can now integrate the viewer and the thumbnail handler much better.

If you ever had problems with the thumbnails not showing up, or with Windows not using the viewer to open STL files, I recommend you download the thumbnail update here and the viewer update here!

STL Viewer updated

This update integrates the viewer into the Windows Open with dialog. Previously, if you wanted to manually make the viewer your default program for STL files, you had to search the drive. Now it should be suggested right away. Small problems have been fixed as well.

You can download the update here!

STL Viewer & STL Thumbnails updated

Today’s update contains a fix for graphics artifacts with multiple STL files in the same view (FileAdd Part …). The title icon and the date stamps of installed files have been fixed as well.

I tried adding support for Windows 10’s Dark Mode, but Microsoft limits it to Windows Store apps and keeps the interfaces secret. So unfortunately no Dark Mode yet :(

Get the update for Papa’s Best STL Viewer here and the update for the thumbnails here!

STL Viewer & STL Thumbnails updated

This update fixes the orientation of STL files exported from recent Solid Edge versions.

Programs disagree on whether Y or Z should be the up axis, which is a major source of annoyance for me. My tools implement a set of algorithms to decide on a case-by-case basis which axis is most likely up. While this is a solid win for usability, it needs periodic adjustments when new program versions are released. If you encounter STL files that are not rotated correctly, please send me a sample!

The thumbnail handler was extended to show in the bottom-right corner the icon of your default STL program.

You can download the new version of Papa’s Best STL Viewer here and the updated thumbnails here.

STL Viewer updated

This update makes use of my CFBF Optimizer to make the setup even smaller. The size of programs and setups is, in my opinion, a very important quality factor:

Furthermore, Microsoft fixed a few problems in their tools, allowing me to remove old workarounds. You can download the new version of Papa’s Best STL Viewer here.

CFBF Optimizer added

You may have noticed that the setup of my STL Viewer has become smaller recently. This is mainly due to optimizations to the container format, Microsoft’s Compound File Binary Format (CFBF). I decided to share those optimizations with you, so I added CFBF Optimizer to my site (including source code). If you’re a programmer or just into data compression, check it out!

STL Viewer updated

The latest version fixes problems with the background color as well as spaces in file paths. Apart from that, detection of measurement units has improved. So if you ever had problems opening files that should otherwise be fine, or if the Viewer ignored your background color settings, be sure to head over to the download section!

STL Viewer updated

This update allows to run Best STL Viewer on computers that are very weak or very old (missing Direct3D 11-compliant hardware and drivers). It will automatically fall back to software rendering, which is very slow – but it’s better than nothing! (Windows 7 is still a minimum requirement, though.) Some small problems have been fixed as well.

STL Viewer updated

The STL Viewer now comes with a greatly improved setup (better updating, less UAC prompts, significantly smaller size) and a new option to use US/Imperial units (auto-detected on first launch). You can grab the update at the download page!

RSS feed added

You can now subscribe to updates via RSS!