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I’m Chris – father (Papa in German) and enthusiastic software developer. This is where I upload my best tools, hence the name – Papa’s best!

My first upload is the STL Viewer I wrote for 3D printing. All the clicks and pauses with MeshLab & Co annoyed me, so my STL Viewer comes without bloat. Double-click, see the file, done!

My page doesn’t use cookies and is free of ads. Because that’s how it should be. Have fun!

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Ace Combat models updated

When I first released the extracted Ace Combat 3 plane models, my code contained a bug, causing various shading problems. It’s now fixed, and I improved the nose tips of the planes as well! Furthermore, I updated the model viewer – aside from a few dozen fixes, you can now copy snapshots to the clipboard via Ctrl + C.

Head over to my Ace Combat page to see new snapshots and download the updated package!

RSS feed added

You can now subscribe to updates via RSS!

STL Viewer updated

I fixed a crash in the STL Viewer that affected users with very weak hardware. In addition, users with fast hardware now get enhanced antialiasing. You can get the update here!

Driver uploaded

I added a page for my experiments with the Driver games. You should check it out if you are a fan of the series or if you’re into retro gaming!

Donation page added

Some users wanted to help me with the cost of this site. From now on, that’s possible.

Users being so satisfied with my software that they want to give something back in return – this makes me as a developer very, very glad and motivated.

Thank you so much!

Ace Combat uploaded

My experiments with the Ace Combat PlayStation games are now online. If you enjoyed the series, and if you like to peek behind the scenes of video games, then you’ll certainly enjoy that. Bring some bandwidth because I uploaded everything I have!